Find customers on social media sites for your solution, easily.

Just type what problem your solution solves, and it will return leads that suffer the same issue.


Find leads that want your solution.

 V A L I D A T E

Validate your startup idea and see if other people have the problem you want to solve.

N O   S E A R C H I N G

Save countless hours searching for customers on social platforms

Three easy steps :

1. Tell Us Your Problem: 

Just describe what you're product is trying to solve, so that our AI can understand what to look out for.

2. Pick Your Social Networks 

Choose which social media sites you want to search through, and how many leads you want extracted from each site.

3. Get your leads!

Hang tight while we search! We'll give you a list of usernames for each social media who have made posts/comments about the problem you are solving!

That's it – simple and no-nonsense!

Simple pricing.

Free tier


- 50 leads a month

- Customer support 

Premium Tier

30$ /month

- 1000 leads a month

- Early access to all new feature

- Feature request access

- Customer support

Executive Tier


- Unlimited leads per month

- Priority access to all new features

- Priority feature request 

- Priority customer support 

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